Best Practices For Image Optimization

Quality content is the primary key to SEO success. Written content does not simply mean your text contents. Images should be an integral component of your content strategy. Occasionally, single images could be much more successful compared to your thousand-word blog post. Additionally, it helps you boost blog post quality and efficiency.

Images, Infographics, Videos and most different multimedia contents on your website will aid you in boosting the user engagement on your website and can make the guests remain on your website for a much longer period that aids in minimizing the bounce rate.

Not just including pictures to your contents, you need to also optimize those pictures for much better SEO performance. Optimization of images should be the one crucial aspect of your on-page SEO process.

In case you’re using videos in your content, you will find many aspects to be seen as connected to SEO. The Mass Optimizer Version 7 will make image optimizing easier for you.



Using images does not imply that you need to top off your content with a lot of photos. You should use it just when it’s required and also you need to use images that happen to be more applicable to your content.

The positioning of your pictures is another essential aspect. It must be positioned at a pertinent location in your content based on your copy content.

Make use of authentic images

Originality always helps in enhancing your user experience as well as your power. Usage of original pictures will be useful in raising your SEO performance. You are able to develop original pictures having a graphic designer or maybe you are able to get your personal pictures with an excellent camera. It’s the underlying cause best White hat SEO businesses employ talented graphic designers for making quality images.

in case you’re unable to employ an in house graphic designer or if you’re not having enough time, you are able to always use quality images that are high from the web. Though the key element being considered is it ought to be copyright free.

There are lots of tools available for obtaining copyright free pictures with no cost. The most used people are Unsplash, Free images, Flicker.

Picture Size

Pictures are the primary tool for damping your site’s quickness. And site speed is an important element in your SEO performance. Thus, you need to be more careful in using videos without compromising your site speed.

It shouldn’t also impact your image quality, you ought to have a proper balance between. You are able to accomplish this by decreasing the file size by compression. You are able to use tools like Photoshop for compression.


Online search engine spiders are visually impaired, it is able to also interrupt a 5000 term text material, but it can’t interrupt one picture and what the picture is about. It’s the reason with a search term abundant file labels for your pictures is an important aspect in image optimization.

Other searches and google bots engine crawlers are able to read through your image’s file name and in case it’s named with your goal key phrase, it provides a signal to the search engines about the picture topic and therefore will help your SEO performance.

For instance, in case your picture is connected to marketing sports shoes, instead of utilizing the file name as “IMG_89868” you are able to make use of it as “Black_Tennis_Shoes”.

Alt text

As the file name, the online search engine is able to read through Alt text of the pictures. Alt text is viewed as “Alternative Text”, is an HTML attribute utilized for describing the information of images.

You must use Alt text that is applicable to your pictures and it ought to be descriptive and clear. You are able to utilize your target keyword phrases in the Alt text but be careful about Keyword stuffing.

In case you’re not concentrating on Image optimization, you’re lacking an enormous chance in enhancing your SEO performance. You are able to make use of the above mentioned very best practices in your on-page SEO process.

In case you would like to go by good image optimization methods for your site, you are able to employ some SEO company.