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Our website highlights everything and anything about Rosehearty. We want to put our beautiful settlement on the map and to connect with fellow Rosehearty neighbors all over the world.

The burgh may be a small area, but we are big in history. It dates back to 1300s when shipwrecked Danish fishers built their settlement. However, Rosehearty was only bestowed its charter in the 1680s by King Charles II.

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Fast forward today, Rosehearty kept its root as a fishermen village. Its harbor is still active and is teeming with fishermen’s cottages. The Pitsligo Castle Ruin is the main attraction in this Fishertown.

Head on to this site for the latest news updates and information. You can also browse the website to plan your trip as we feature places where you can stay and visit. We also want to give you some ideas on fun things to do while you are here.

Come and explore the undiscovered beauty of Roseheart!

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